Opportunity Overview

Imagine getting paid for saving people money on their prescriptions for free. Now imagine earning a commission each time they save money.

FreeRxPlus, a free prescription savings program, was created to help people across the US and Puerto Rico obtain affordable prescriptions. The card is accepted at over 56,000 major chains and independent pharmacies and provides savings on all FDA approved brand and generic prescriptions with savings ranging from 15% to 85% on average.

By using our card at the pharmacy, the consumer is guaranteed the lowest price for their prescription medication. Even those with high deductible health plans or high copays can save with our card. When you give FreeRxPlus prescription discount cards away for FREE and when your unique group number is used at a pharmacy to save someone money, you earn a commission every time they save on their prescriptions.

You also earn a commission by building your salesforce , on your salesforce's prescription claims and on their sold discount benefit plans.

How the Program Works

With over four billion prescriptions filled annually and with almost 100 million people uninsured or underinsured, there is a huge market for people who need help with their prescription costs.

With the rising cost of medical and dental coverage and the growth in high deductible health plans, there is a growing need for low cost, discount based medical, dental and vision plans.

Becoming an ISR is a great opportunity to create your own successful business while doing something important for the millions of Americans that need help by lowering their health care costs.

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FreeRxPlus Independent Sales Representative Options

New FreeRxPlus ISRs can choose from two different levels when joining FreeRxPlus.
The grid below shows you what you'll receive with each level.

FreeRxPlus FeaturesPlatinum Plus ISRPlatinum ISR
Your Personal Prescription Commissions$1.60$1.50
Customer Acquisition Bonus for building your salesforce$120$100
5,000 Customized Full Color Prescription Savings Cards
4 Custom Websites! You receive a custom website on,, and on
eBusiness Suite to manage your business (updated daily)
Professional marketing material and tools
Commissions on Prescription Claims and on Discount Benefit Plans
Corporate training, support and coaching
Exclusive Rewards Points Program - earn free custom prescription savings cards, business supplies, electronics and more!
FREE Discount Benefit Plan for you and your family. A $22.95 per month value included for free! 
Upgraded Rewards Points Program - earn double points! 
Recognition of your upgraded level on your FreeRxPlus websites 
A free Facebook Page that you can use to promote your business 
A free corporate email address that you can use with your FreeRxPlus business lending more credibility and professionalism to your emails 
A free custom domain name and hosting for your FreeRxPlus website. You can pick a domain such as and we'll purchase it and host it for you for free! 
Coming soon - A free Mobile App to market your FreeRxPlus business and any other businesses you own. 
One time investment$165.00$165.00
Monthly Fee$19.95$0